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About the Talks

A project of the George Washington University's Institute for International Science and Technology Policy, the Nuclear Policy Talks (NPT) is a conversation about the dangers posed by nuclear weapons and appropriate responses for the 21st Century. Previous talks in the past have been co-hosted with other institutes at the university, the Elliott School, and other nuclear policy-centered organizations.

The Institute for International Science and  Technology Policy facilitates and inspires collaboration among scientists, policy experts, government and industry leaders on science and technology related issues. The Center collaborates with international governmental research institutes and agencies on advances in scientific and technological policy making.

The Institute conducts cutting-edge research on the policy issues that affect science and technology around the world. The Center faculty, who teach the M.A. program in International Science and Technology Policy, bring the theories and methods of this research to students who will use these ideas to shape future policies and plans here and abroad. The Institute also provides a vehicle for international scholars to bring their ideas to Washington, D.C.